Zhongshan Baijia Jinhe Electronic Technology Co. Ltd is a high-technology enterprise which professionally pursues development, production and sale of financial machinery. Our company has an assiduous and excelsior team with high-technology talented persons. We research, design and develop our products independently.

The main leader of our company has worked in electronic and mechanical industry for more than 20 years with strong technical support and rich experience. Furthermore, based on characteristics of national and international market, we conclude advanced technology in the world to develop our own Coin Sorting Machine which has new functions and the patent of many independent intellectual property rights, filling the vacancy in domestic and overseas market. Our Coin Sorting Machine has exported to UK, Finland, Argentina, Malaysia and many other countries, and gains their good feedback. There are lots of kinds of currency we can deal with (such as RMB, Sterling Pounds, Euro,Japanese Yen,US Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Argentine Peso, Malaysian Ringgit, Turkish Lira, Israeli Shekel,Egyptian pound,etc). According to specific parameters of currency, we provide customized production to meet requirements of sorting and counterfeit detection for all kinds of coins around the world.

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